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엑스티닷컴 거래소 - MCD(CDbio) 상장 안내

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8월 4일 18시, 엑스티닷컴 거래소(XT.COM )가 MCD를 상장하여 아래와 같이 지원할 예정입니다. 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다.

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입금시간: 2022년 8월 4일 18:00 한국시간

거래시간: 2022년 8월 5일 18:00 한국시간

출금시간: 2022년 8월 6일 18:00 한국시간

마켓: USDT

거래존: 메인 존(MEMEs)

【프로젝트 소개】

CDBIO is a medical foundation based in the Republic of Seychelles that provides molecularmedical/healthcare services based on advanced molecular physics.

The world's first commercial research co-worker, Yasama Yasuhiko (Yasama), the CEO of Idea International, is working at the Tohoku Univ Research and Analytical Center for Giant Molecular Studies, currently CTO of the CDBIO Foundation.

Molecular sensors using lithium-resistant fullerene are extremely high-precision technologies that allow one electron to flow per molecule and can diagnose diseases and monitor health conditions according to medication effects. Based on this, it is a future advanced medical technology that enables customized prescriptions and treatments optimized for patient characteristics.

Based on this technology, CDBIO is working on the Molecular Medical & Healthcare Platform to create the world's only blockchain healthcare ecosystem that combines the expertise of global molecular physics and electrochemical scholars with the collective intelligence of professional medical communities and patient communities.

Based on this molecular-medical/healthcare platform, we want to help overcome diseases by early diagnosis of all diseases and providing optimized personalized medical services to individual patients, and further contribute to human health and prolongation through disease prevention and systematic health care.

웹 사이트: https://www.cdbio.global/

블록 브라우저: https://etherscan.io/token/0xc66cdac744916afb6811c71c277d88de90ce8d5b

백서: https://www.cdbio.global/_files/ugd/3b3e59_f2afbb8270584c78b7f615f3c86fed90.pdf